Turn your Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, PDFs and Voice into Questions for Better Insights!

Better Together

Keep Knowledge helps you collect, augment and deploy your intelligence thru Alexa, Siri and your other devices while keeping your data private.
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Photographic Memories
Turn Photos and Documents into stories for Better Insights!
Keep Knowledge Photo

Easily collect your knowledge with screen shots, photos, spreadsheets, PDFs and other files.

The places, people and other entities will be extracted from your photos and documents. Search, Analysis and Subject Enrichment will provide for a better learning experience with the captured information.

Your information in the pictures and files can be leveraged privately via Siri, Alexa, Text(SMS) and Emails.

Stories Forever
Pass Knowledge to the people you value thru Dictation and Audio.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and the people you value is knowledge.

Human memory is a collection of thousands of stories we remember through experience, stories we remember by having heard them, and stories we remember by having composed them.

From your voice, we write your stories that are searchable by the clever characteristics it emboldens. You and the people you designate can reference your private securely held information with questions and thru other learning experiences.

Organize your Thoughts
Inventory your Knowledge

Grocery Stores digitize inventory to understand what's on their shelves. Investment companies provide statements to show what assets you own.

With Keep Knowledge, you can now inventory your knowledge collection on a spreadsheet. Take your Knowledge Graph Chart to your next job interview to show your strengths.

The Future of Learning
Digital Knowledge Technology

Retaining knowledge is important for success at school, in the workplace and at life. Keep Knowledge strengthens your memory thru association, quizzing and pattern matching. More access paths or links to memories broadens your intellect.

Don't waste all the information you read. Capture the information for delayed learning, subject linking and on-demand learning.

Knowledge Training
Forgetting is important!

Learning is really a matter of re-learning or adding new mental pathways to stored knowledge so we can retrieve that knowledge when needed.

Exercise your memory, attention span, brain speed and intellect to form better relationships, gain financial wealth and exceed all expectations. Knowledge Training triangulates knowledge for exponential learning growth.

Knowledge Process Automation
Leverage your Intelligence

Stop repeating knowledge work over and over. Now, you can use your digital knowledge to act on repeated request.

The pandemic has shown us that the "Virtual You" can be more effective than the physical you. With the "Virtual You", your intelligence can be multiplied for scale to gain incredible achievements.

Holistic View
Your Knowledge Mining

Your source of knowledge is thru your daily learning notes, voice stories, texts, emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, receipts, labels, statements, contracts, blood work reports, Fitbit reports, IoT feeds, images, video clips, audio files, paper documents, and even handwritten notes. Your knowledge can be inputted via texting, phone calls, emails, website snapshots, pictures, APIs and file uploads to the web portal.

Share your Knowledge Art
Let your knowlwedge live in perpetuity.

Perspective, ideas and training collected over time are unique to you. Bequeath your knowledge to improve future generations.

Or, Earn income by selling your captured knowledge in 32 languages across the world via blockchain.